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This ZWILLING 4-Stage Pull Through Knife Sharpener features German-engineered design that utilizes course and fine ceramic grits to let you manually maintain the sharp cutting edge of Western and/or Asian-style cutlery

  • Manual 4-slot sharpener is suited for Western- and Asian-style knives
  • Sharpener comes with a unique safety grip that ensures fingers stay safely away from the knife blade while sharpening
  • Handle is ergonomically contoured to maximize hand comfort
  • Rubberized, non-slip bottom helps keep sharpener stable and firmly in place during use
  • Suitable for left or right handed use
  • ABS plastic and ceramic construction
  • Wipe clean
  • Wipe clean
  • Sharpening Directions:1. Place sharpener on a flat surface. Hold the knife in your dominant hand andthe sharpener in the other. Insert knife perpendicular to the sharpener intothe Coarse stage (see image).2. Using moderate pressure, pull the knife through the slot from heel to tip.Repeat this action as necessary up to 20 times depending on the startingdullness of the blade.3. Move the blade to the Fine stage. Using light pressure, pull the knife throughthe slot from heel to tip. Repeat this action 5-10 times.4. Wipe your blade clean.5. Check your results. Draw your knife through a piece of scrap paper. If theblade slices the paper easily, without tearing, it is sharp.The Coarse stage sharpens the blade. The Fine stage hones and polishes theblade for scalpel-like sharpness. With regular maintenance, you may only needto use the Fine stage. 
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