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Having a sharp blade in the kitchen is a great advantage. When you have a utensil on hand to keep your blades sharp, preparing finally cut ingredients becomes much easier. With this sharpening rod, you can sharpen blunt blades yourself. It is specially designed for ZWILLING blades to give absolute sharpness within a moment. It measures approximately 20 cm x 8,5 cm x 4 cm. Every knife becomes blunt over time so will require the assistance of the TWIN Stone Pro sharpening stone. It enables coarse and fine sharpening and is easy to use to ensure your blades continue cutting cleanly through ripe tomatoes or chopping onions into appetising pieces. What ever your cutting needs, with the sharpening rod from ZWILLING you will get your worn knives back into action.

Features & Benefits:

  • Achieves optimum sharpness.
  • Two different sides - grain 250 for rough, preliminary honing.
  • Two different sides - grain 1000 for smoothing, final honing.
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