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Lift & Look  and A BIT MORE® at a touch of a button

A new world of bread needs a new world of toasting.  So how do you toast any type of bread and get it just the way you like it?

The toaster's elegant push button controls include Lift & Look  and A BIT MORE®. Lift & Look  activates the motorized carriage to gently raise the bread just long enough to check if it's done.  Press A BIT MORE®and the carriage lowers once more to give it just a little extra toasting time.  LEDs count down the toasting progress.  Full die-cast construction, automatic raising and lowering, bagel, frozen and adjustable volume settings.

One touch.  Perfection.



Capacity - Long slots accommodate artisan breads or up to 4 standard slices

Slot Design - Self centering for even toasting, extra wide and deep for larger bread

Lift 'n' Look - Fully motorized one touch "Lift & Look" button to check progress without interrupting the toast cycle

A Bit More Button - If your toast comes up too light, press A BIT MORE® for a little extra toast time

Browning Controls - Browning control slider with LED progress indicator

Function Settings - "Lift & Look", A BIT MORE® , bagel, frozen and cancel

Ready Indicator - Adjust the toast ready alert to high, low or mute

Removable Crumb Tray - For easy cleaning

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