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A commercially inspired kitchen appliance, offering you the control and all of the tools.

Simple soups can often be hard to make, as stick mixers are notoriously clunky to hold and suffer from excessive suction, drawing the mixer to the base of the bowl or pot.

The Control Grip™ incorporates an ergonomic trigger grip, which is easily engaged with a very natural hand position. Control is further enhanced with a reduced suction blade and leg design. This model also incorporates a stainless steel shaft, 25oz chopper, 42oz jug, and a whisk attachment.

You gain control over your stick mixer, rather than it having control over you.


Variable Speed Settings - Adjustable speed control. Low to high control for precise blending and processing.

Antisuction Blending Technology - Revolutionary bell-shaped blending base combined with internal ribbing reduces suction for greater control and more efficient blending.

Ergonomic Control Grip - Trigger operation for ease of use: Hand in natural position for stability and control.

Chopping Bowl - 25 oz (3-Cup) Chopper bowl with stainless steel chopping blades.

Whisk - Whisk attachment included

Stainless Steel Shaft - Stainless Steel stick blender included

Additional Features - 15 Variable Speeds
                                   8" Immersion Depth on the stick blender, to blend large quantities directly into a tall pot or container. With non-scratch base                                        to protect pots and pans from scratching.
                                   Compact storage as the jug houses the chopping bowl for easier processing and convenient storage.

Included Accessories  - 25 oz (3-Cup) Chopper bowl with stainless steel chopping blades
                                   - 42oz Extra-Large jug with dual-purpose storage lid and anti-slip mat.
                                   - Whisk attachment



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