SPIRITS WITH SMOKE THE SMOKING SAUCER SETThe Smoking Saucer allows you to add smoke effortlessly to your cocktails at home using our Smoking Saucer and our Signature Alcohol Infused Wood Chips (Cognac Cherry, Rum & Maple, Bourbon Oak).


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Smoking Saucer

The Smoking Saucer Set is designed and handcrafted by experienced bartenders and artisans so that you can easily add aroma to your cocktails in your home. This Saucer works by allowing you to use our three signature alcohol-infused wood chips to infuse smoke and aroma into your cocktails by either using a creme brulee torch or a standard BBQ lighter.  The Smoking Saucer is made from Canadian Maple wood by our retired artisans and craftsmen and designed to create a unique lake effect smoke on your cocktail.

Each set comes with a Saucer, three signature alcohol-infused wood chips (Cognac Cherry, Rum & Maple, and Bourbon Oak), dehydrated oranges, recipe cards, & coasters.

With our Smoking Saucer, it’s easy to create memorable experiences with your friends and family, and showcase your bartending skills!

The lumber is locally sourced and hand-selected. This ensures that each disk produces the best aroma possible.

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