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The Coravin Model Three Wine Preservation System unlocks your choices, so you can drink any wine, in any amount, without pulling the cork. Featuring a friendly and functional design, the Model Three is perfect for everyday wine drinking. New and improved SmartClamps™ allow the System to easily go on/off virtually any bottle. The Coravin Model Three comes with two Coravin Pure Capsules, and one Coravin Screw Cap.

No Compromises, Just Choices - Enjoy a glass of red wine, while your companion drinks white. When you pour wine without removing the cork, you have the freedom to choose the wines you desire without compromise.

Preserve Wine for Years  - Don’t wait for a special occasion to drink that unique bottle. Have one glass today and another in a week, a month, or even years. Your last glass will taste just as amazing as your very first.

Drink the Wine You Want  “I’ll drink whatever is open” is a thing of the past. With Coravin, you can drink or serve the wine you want—not just the wines you have open.



Coravin Wine Needle

This specifically designed Needle is gentle on cork and pours wine smoothly. Its stainless steel construction and non-stick coating provide durability and easy insertion.

Easy On, Easy Off with SmartClamps™

Simply align the System with the top of the bottle, and install with a quick, firm push. Then, remove after use with a quick firm, pull off—and use again and again

Ergonomic Handle

The comfortable Handle has a large gripping area to pour wine effortlessly.

Coravin Pure Capsules

99.99% ultra-pure argon gas powers the System and preserves your wine.


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