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A superior wine decanter is capable of turning a good wine into something remarkable. By allowing the wine to breathe, a decanter enhances its aroma, balance and taste and allows you to experience wine at its very best.

Riedel have been making beautiful glassware for more than two and a half centuries. Over this time, they have redesigned the humble wine glass to suit specific varieties of wine, and they have changed the way we decant and enjoy a good drop.

Riedel’s Boa Decanter is not the first of their decanters to be named after a serpent, and it is no less unforgettable. Its swirling body not only creates a perfect vessel for decanting and opening up your favourite red wines, but also acts as a spectacular piece of art as red wine winds its way down in to the bowl. Mouth blown and handmade from crystal, you’ll be enthralled by this unique piece.

Boa Decanter features:

  • Made in Austria.
  • Mouth blown and handmade from crystal.
  • Presented in a Riedel box.
  • Hand wash recommended.
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